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NC, us
About me:
I am fluent in Sarcasm. The more men I meet, the more I love my dog. I love the Twilight and Harry Potter series. Avid MySpacer. I need a Swag Patch. Piercings and Tattoos are HOTT! Pink is my favorite crayon. Tim Burton and Seth McFarland are geniuses. Jeff Dunham is hilarious!
Favorite Music:
I love music in general, I listen to a bit of everything! Motley Crue Aerosmith Orgy Nickelback Flo Rida P!nk Blackhawk Taylor Swift and many many more!
Favorite TV Shows:
Desperate Housewives Extreme Home Makeover Reba Family Guy Futurama Fresh Prince Little House on the Pairie
Favorite Movies:
Doomsday The Crow Harry Potter (all) Twilight Night at the Museum Love Comes Softly series Sydney White The Notebook The Skeleton Key Ghost Ship The Nightmare Before Christmas The Corpse Bride Fight Club Idiocracy

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